• PROJECT: Version 3.0 Roku Channel

    Roku Channel Live Development
    Worldview Weekend Roku Channel, Version 2.0

    It's been almost three years since we last modified the Worldview Weekend Roku Channel, and we're glad to be back!

    This year update will include an updated user interface, improved nagivation pattern, and Situation Room Members will be able to authorize their accounts and view premium content.

  • The plan is complete, the players are lining up, the owners in the box watching... The fans are cheering! We won't let you down.. we can't let you down! "BANG!!!!" Live development begins
  • Member Authentication, Approve Boxes

    We've migrated existing customer devices to the clients new system. New Situation Room members will be able to approve their devices in the next couple days.

  • Authorization For SR Members Finished

    Good news and bad news, first the good news - if you have a situation room membership you can now download the Roku Situation Room channel and authorize your account!

    The bad news, it appears the channel feed for video is broken and the audio section only lists todays shows.

    We'll spend a few more hours seeing if we can get the existing channel working properly, if not, we'll have to leave it as is until the new channel is finished and published by Roku. Development is on-going, 10-14 hours per day, we'll be there soon!

  • Existing Roku Channel Now Working

    Roku Channel 1.0
    Worldview Weekend Roku Channel, Version 1.0

    We were able to restore service to the existing Situation Room Roku channel for subscribers.

  • New Channel Preview

    Roku Channel 2.0
    New ROKU Channel for WVW

    Quick Preview of ROKU Channel Splashscreen

  • Screen Mashup

    Roku Channel 2.0
    Mashup of new screens

    I think we're going to make some changes still to this UI, the colors aren't popping like we'd like. More to come!

  • We're DONE! The Channel is complete and we think you're going to agree, its #RIDICULOUS. Here are some screen shots from the new Roku Channel we recently developed: roku channel splash screen

    roku channel shows screen

    roku channel landing screen

    roku channel audio player screen


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