Some of you may know Periscope, most of you probably don't or haven't decided to download and check it out.

Millions of people have.

Periscope is yet another Twitter app. You may remember their last social app, Vine. Vine was well received and quickly became a top choice among millennials to create and share short video clips.

Months after Vines launch, Twitter maintained the apps autonomy and didn't integrate the video platform to their own.

Many like myself thought this was an interesting concept, a good way to bring a new generation to the Twitter platform.

The problem is, Twitter never did that. Vine was built seperate ou, just like Periscope, and is still ran that way today.

Vine quickly lost market share as competitive apps began integrating features of Vine into their own apps. Thus eliminating the need for a seperate app.

Now what can happen is entertainers on a platform are compensated and/or recognized for their achievements and the platform continues to grow.

Twitter did not do this with Vine. Matter of fact, they lost most of their audience before making a change. Sorry guys, too late.

The same can be said for Periscope. A smash hit by all accounts. People stream live video from where they want and millions around the world can download the app and turn in.

Here Twitter runs into again the same problem. Facebook just launched facebook live. A direct shot at Periscope. Now usually Facebook bombs in this endeavors. They did trying to kill snapchat, they simply went and bought Instagram and what's app.

Twitters platform has been hanging on by a thread for years. Clearly their new technologies department and acquisitions put them ahead of the curve in multiple occasions. The problem is they never ingrate back those successes into their core platform.

I get the idea, build multiple platforms with lots of users. But that comes when the user base is already present and not easily taken away. Like Instagram or what's app.

Home grow applications or early acquisitions should be integrate into the core platform initially, or quickly brought into the fray when it's apparent the market demands this capability.

Hurry up Twitter, Periscope is going to go down in a blaze if you don't act quick.


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