Simply having a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or other social media account is not enough!

Companies need a comprehensive Social Media Strategy to maximize the impact of each of their posts.

Broadcasting your companies newest product or service is not an effective use of social media. While you definitely want to use these platforms for this purpose, it can not be the sole purpose.

Turning your customers into brand advocates is our goal and every type of strategy we develop has this goal in mind.

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According to a recent research, over 50 percent of businesses need to rework their social media strategy. We didn't do this research, in our findings its closer to 99.9992%.

In all seriousness though, if you have any reason to be engaging with your customers, any reason at all, you need a social media strategy.

If social media isn't your core competency CONTACT US, for the love of ^&% man!! We can and will give you free advice, tools and even a social media check list .

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With careful planning and timed execution, a JIGG powered social media plan can increase brand exposure, user engagement and make people like you (except that one guy).

If you are using social media without any substantial results, then you're likely doing it all wrong, and have to rework your strategy completely.

Are we too blunt? No way! This is the image and culture we strive for internally, why the he-(2 hockey sticks) would we hide that?

We love what we do, let us bring our enthusiasm to your organization today.

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